Startup Manager For Windows Free. Instructions


Using the program Startup Manager For Windows Free, you can remove the program from startup or add it to startup again.

After running the utility, a list of programs appears, which automatically start when the computer is turned on. This list can include both active startup items and disabled ones.

In the list you should note the programs you want to exclude from startup. The marked programs are removed from the autorun using the "Disable" button.

If necessary, you can re-add the disabled program to the Startup list. To do this, you need to mark it in the list and click on the "Enable" button.

In this application, you can completely remove the program from the startup list. However, it will not be visible in this list of programs either in the active or in the inactive state. This can be done using the "Remove" button.

The resulting list of programs that are included in the startup can be saved as a txt, html or csv file.

On the "About" tab, you can change the language of the program interface.

This video will help you with this simple and fast program.


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