Outlook Duplicate Remover Free - program to remove duplicate emails in Outlook


Outlook Duplicate Remover Free

The program to remove duplicate emails in Outlook

This simple program will help you quickly and easily delete duplicate emails on your computer or laptop. Numerous copies of letters litter the mailbox, so it is sometimes difficult to find the right letter among them. In addition, there is a risk of missing an important message. If mail is stored on a computer, an excessively large Outlook data file takes up a lot of space on the hard disk. Thus, it is obvious that unnecessary letters, including duplicate mail, must be regularly removed. This task is easily handled by the Outlook Duplicate Remover Free utility. The program for finding and removing duplicate emails in Microsoft Outlook, which can be downloaded from the link below, will be an indispensable tool in solving this problem.
Duplicate emails in Outlook

Effective software for organizing mail

This free Outlook duplicate remover that removes duplicate Outlook messages will be appreciated by those who are actively chatting. When the mailbox is full, it is impossible to receive new letters, and this sometimes causes very unpleasant consequences. To free the mailbox, the user can manually remove duplicate Outlook, but it is long and ineffective. To remove copies of messages, you need to not only look through each letter, but also analyze its content. In addition, there is always the risk of accidentally deleting something important. For these reasons, it is recommended that special duplicate email remover be used to remove duplicate emails. The positive side of automatically finding duplicate Outlook using Outlook Duplicate Remover Free utility is not only the speed of finding and deleting copies in the mail, but also the security of this process. For example, if the search for and removal of duplicate messages of Outlook emails is carried out according to their contents, then only absolutely identical letters will be deleted.

Outlook remove duplicate emails

Customizable Search

How to delete duplicates for Outlook? One of the advantages of this program is its simplicity. Even a novice user can work with Outlook Duplicate Remover Free. In addition, it is possible to customize the search for duplicate letters in accordance with the needs of the user. The duplicate email finder will help to find and delete:

  1. Letters from the same sender.
  2. Letters sent to the same addressee.
  3. Messages with the same subject letter.
  4. Letters with the same content.
To find duplicates in Outlook, you must specify the Outlook folder where the search will be performed. The Outlook deduplication tool also allows you to exclude from a search this or that folder with letters. After the search process is completed, the user will receive a report in which groups with duplicate letters will be listed. In each group of identical messages, you need to select one, which will remain in the mail, and mark the rest for deletion. If necessary, these letters can be not deleted, but moved to the specified folder.

Outlook delete duplicate emails

Windows PC Software

The free Outlook Duplicate Remover Free tool that performs the removal of duplicate emails in Outlook successfully works in any version of Microsoft Outlook, including Microsoft Office Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003. In addition, the program can be used equally effectively in any versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. This small utility takes up very little disk space and consumes a minimum of computer resources not only during installation, but also during use. The software is safe to use and does not install anything extra. Recommended for regular cleaning of Microsoft Outlook mailboxes from duplicate emails.


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