Manyprog PC Cleaner - PC cleaner software to clear up unnecessary files


Manyprog PC Cleaner

Hard drive wipe software

These programs clean up your PC or laptop from unnecessary files quickly and easily. Using this software to clean your PC, you can free up gigabytes of free hard disk space and significantly improve computer performance and efficiency. Manyprog PC Cleaner will help you clean out temporary files on your computer associated with the various applications, those that are stored in the Temp folder and clear the browser from the temporary Internet files, delete the browsing history of various websites you have visited, clean your browser cache, user’s internet accounts information, log files. Additionally, it is the best tool to free up disk space on your computer from unnecessary files that are created during the installation and operation of the various programs.
Clean PC

Confidentiality and personal data protection

This simple application is particularly useful/is most helpful for users who spend a lot of time online, visiting many websites. In this situation, the browser stores a large amount of personal data and keeps the web browsing history, cache and cookies. To ensure the confidentiality of personal data this information should be removed. So as not to configure the settings for every browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Explorer) to clear all the data, including cookies, web browsing history and temporary files, you can quickly and easily use this simple computer cleaner.

Disc cleaner

Free up disk space

Any computer should be cleaned up on a regular basis from all unnecessary files that are stored not only in the temporary folder, but many other operating system folders. PC cleanup from temporary files is often required when the system drive (usually the C drive) is full. This cleanup utility (file cleaner) helps you to use an automated, quick, and easy way to clear space on your local disc and remove junk files and free up memory.

Computer cleaner

PC cleaning tools

With this simple and fast tool for PC cleanup you can also find and safely remove duplicate files that clutter your PC or laptop hard disk. Moreover, Manyprog PC Cleaner will help you to analyze the disk usage to determine which files are taking up the most space on your computer, and then move them to removable media or other disks. This useful software, which can be downloaded from this page, is designed for Windows OS, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. System cleaner can delete temporary files remained by different applications and systems, browsing history in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer.


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