We have updated all our programs!


All our programs are now available in Turkish and Bulgarian. Fixed some errors in translations into English, Spanish and French.

Find duplicates

In programs for searching and removing duplicates, a filter for image sizes has been added. Now when searching for duplicate images, you can specify their minimum length and width in pixels.

Find duplicate photos

In programs for searching and deleting duplicate music, the report form with the search results for identical compositions has been changed. Columns with information about audio recordings were added to the report: Artist, Album, Song name, Bitrate, Track length, Year.

Find duplicate music

In programs for finding and removing duplicates, you can now mark unnecessary copies not only in the list of duplicate files found, but also in the preview block. This greatly facilitates the process of selecting unnecessary duplicates, especially when working with similar images.

Find duplicate files

All bugs in the programs were also fixed, in particular, a bug was fixed with incorrect display of some application windows with a changed screen scale.

This video illustrates the new features of our programs.