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iTunes Duplicate Remover Free

Free tool for finding copies of media files in iTunes

This freeware program will help you quickly and easily find and remove duplicates in iTunes. ITunes - it is very convenient media player designed by Apple. The peculiarity of it is that it can be used not only on the devices of this brand (Mac, iPhone, iPad), but also on the ordinary computer or laptop running Windows operating system. Ease of use of the player is not only useful in a variety of its functions, but also that all media in this case are stored in one place - iTunes library, rather than scattered throughout the hard drive into different folders. Free ITunes Duplicate Remover Free tool can easily connect to the library and to find in it all duplicates.
iTunes duplicate finder

Organize the iTunes library

iTunes library includes music, movies, playlists, tracks and many other media files. As a rule, this library is located on the system disk, so it is important to use it occupied hard disk space as efficiently as possible, promptly erase multiple duplicates. Many users over time faced with the problem of how to remove music from iTunes. In most versions of the player has a function that shows identical files in the iTunes library, but in this case the user has to manually perform any further surgery to remove copies.

iTunes remove duplicates automatically

Automatic deletion of duplicates in iTunes

How to remove songs from iTunes automatically? This utility iTunes duplicate song remover performs this task in just a few minutes. The user needs only download and install on your computer or laptop is an application iTunes duplicate remover and finder, and then run it. To find and eliminate duplicates in iTunes, you need the program to connect to the iTunes library. To do this, click on "Add iTunes library". Utility takes some time to find a place where the media library, and connect to it. Once the library is found, open iTunes player that should not be closed until the end of the program to find and remove iTunes double songs.

iTunes duplicate remover freeware

Quickly remove duplicates in iTunes on a Windows PC

After pressing the "Start" button, the search process will be running and showing the same songs in your library, the results of which are displayed in the report is placed on the next program tab. In this list of songs should be noted repeating those to be removed. It is important to remember that in each group of redundant repeated files found necessary to leave one original file, or all instances of the song will be deleted. This the best easy software for the PC, which helps get rid of duplicates iTunes, can be successfully applied to any version of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.


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