Find Password Protected ZIP Files - Program to search for encrypted ZIP files


Find Password Protected ZIP Files

Search forpassword-protected ZIP archives

This lightweight freeware software helps to search for encrypted ZIP archives on a computer or laptop. ZIP Archiver allows you to set a password on any documents. This feature can be used, for example, when sending sensitive data by e-mail. A lot of such protected archives often accumulate on the user's computer, and it can be difficult to determine whether they are encrypted or not. Password Protected ZIP Files Finder helps you to find all protected ZIP archives on your computer and compiles a report in a form of encrypted ZIP files list.
Find protected zip files

Fast and simple

It can take you many of hours to search for encrypted ZIP files the computer’s hard disk manually, while this fast software finds all password-protected ZIP archives in the specified location in just a few minutes. Even novice users can easily use this simple program. For its successful operation you should specify the folder or drive for the search and click the "Start Analyze" button. You can save the list of the encrypted ZIP files in a separate file and specified format.

Search for password-protected ZIP files

Multilingual interface

Users can choose an interface language: English, French, Italian and many other languages are available. The most important features of the program are:
1. More than 10 interface languages.
2. Searching for encrypted ZIP archives in the specified folder or on the selected drive, including searching for password-protected ZIP files on external media.
3. Sorting of search results in a form of separate columns.
4. An option to save a report with the list of encrypted documents in a separate file of the specified format (txt, html, or CSV).
The program can be quickly and easily installed on the computer and does not require any other software installation.

Find protected ZIP documents

Any version of Windows

This simple software that searches for encrypted ZIP archives can compile a list of ZIP files encrypted with passwords of any length and complexity. The Password Protected ZIP Files Finder allows you to search for protected archives regardless of the encryption type. This fast tool is compatible with a computer or laptop on Windows OS, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Thus, you can always find any encrypted ZIP archives on your computer. Just download and install this simple program on your PC.


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