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Manyprog Find Duplicate Files

Duplicate file finder software

This lightweight and simple program helps you to remove duplicate files from your computer or laptop. Simple Manyprog Find Duplicate Files successfully runs on Windows OS, including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. This software allows you to find and remove duplicate files of different types, including ZIP and RAR archives. To use this duplicate file finder tool, you should specify the type of duplicate file in a search bar and choose one of the three options:
- Searching for duplicate files of strict match. Duplicate file cleaner searches for files that have the same name and content.
- Searching for music file tags. Duplicate file scanner searches for music files with identical track title, artist, and album name. The search can be made both by multiple criteria and one of them.
- Searching for identical images. Double file checker searches for identical images or photos even of different extensions, for example, bmp, jpg, png, as well as of different sizes.
Double file finder

Find duplicate files by specific search criteria

How to find duplicate files? For this purpose, you can also use a filter to search for duplicate files of the specified type. For example, you can only search for image copies of one or multiple specified formats, a duplicate video file of an exact format, etc. It is also possible to search for duplicate files using different file size range. The Duplicate File Finder allows you to specify search criteria using file name and file mask. After a completion of Manyprog Find Duplicate Files search for identical files, you receive a report with the list of duplicate files found. You should only mark the unnecessary duplicate files and they will get removed from your PC automatically.

Remove duplicates

Find duplicate files of the specified type

In conclusion, the best software to find and remove duplicate files helps you to:
1. Find duplicate files of any format (doc, jpg, xls, avi, pdf, mp3, bmp, txt and others);
2. Find duplicate music files, including checking duplicates by mp3 tags (m4a, m4p, mp2, aac, aiff, ape, au, flac, mid, mp3, ogg, wav, wma, mp3pro, rm, ra);
3. Find duplicate images, including the search for similar images (bmp, gif, ico, jng, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jp2, jpc, j2k, png, tif, tiff, eps, clp, crw, cr2, dcx, exr, kdc, pcx, psd, raw, sfw, wmf);
4. Find duplicate video files (3gp, mp4, swf, fla, flv, mkv, mpeg, mpg, m1v, mp2, mpa, mpe, mov, avi, wmv, divx);
5. Find duplicate Adobe Acrobat files (pdf);
6. Find duplicate archives (7z, ace, alz, arc, arj, bz2, bz2, cab, jar, lzh, pak, rar, at3, tgz, tar, gz, uha, zip);
7. Find duplicate Office files (odt, ods, odg, odp, odm, odf, mdb, adp, mda, mde, ade, xl, xla, xls, xlt, xlm, xlc, xlw, pps, ppt, doc, wri, csv).

Delete duplicate files

Improve computer performance

You can download this fast duplicate file remover via link under a screenshot duplicate file deleter. This duplicate file searcher tool can be used on a regular basis to remove duplicate files to prevent clogging up the hard drive with unnecessary copies of files that take up disk space, cause confusion and make it difficult to find desired files, which can affect efficiency – both user and PC.


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