Duplicate Video Remover Free - program to delete duplicate video files


Duplicate Video Remover Free

The program for duplicate video delete

This program will help you quickly and easily remove duplicate video files from the hard disk of your computer or laptop. Duplicate video files take up considerable space on the hard drive due to their large size, so these duplicates must be regularly removed. With this task quickly and easily handle the special program Duplicate Video Remover Free. With this tool, you can automatically find and remove duplicate video files. The work program will be a list of duplicate videos where the user needs to mark those duplicates that are not necessary. Program to find and remove duplicate videos, which can be download at the link, works quickly and efficiently.
Duplicate video finder

Useful software for organizing the video library

This free tool will be appreciated by those users who frequently use video camera. In this case, the hard disk of your computer accumulates a huge amount of video clips. Often, these videos that are copied from the camera's memory card have names consisting of a random set of letters and numbers. In this file name is impossible to understand how the story keeps a particular video clip. This fact makes it difficult to manually remove redundant videos. Search for same files scattered across different folders on your hard drive, and having a non-obvious name, the user can spend a few hours or even days. In contrast to manual search, an automatic search for identical files using this simple tool takes a few minutes.

Find duplicate videos

Find duplicate video of the specified format

This best fast utility can find duplicate video files of almost all popular formats:*.3gp; *.mp4; *.swf; *.fla; *.flv; *.mkv; *.mpeg; *.mpg; *.m1v; *.mp2; *.mpa; *.mpe; *.mov; *.avi; *.wmv; *.divx. The program has the ability to set the mask for the video file format, copies of which are to be found. Thus, the user can search for duplicates only of any one or more specified formats. The application has the ability to specify minimum and maximum sizes of repeated files. This setting can be used, for example, if you need to find similar video files that occupy the most space. Deleting duplicates of such films will significantly increase the amount of free disk space.

Duplicate video finder freeware

Customizable search and absolute security

The duplicate video finder allows you to exclude from the search duplicate those or other folders. In this case, for example, you can avoid the risk of accidental deletion of important files, videos by the user, placing them in a folder and exclude it from the search duplicate the process. Very important is the fact that the program does not remove anything without the user's knowledge. The utility removes only the files that the user will mark for deletion. For this purpose, the interface of the program provides a tab with a list of found duplicates, which is formed in the search for double video files. This report contains the path to the file, its name, size and date of last modification. This easy tool has a minimum of additional features and settings, which often make it difficult to understand how works the program is, therefore, to deal with this utility can easily even novice PC users. This freeware software is designed for computers with Windows operating system, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.


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