Duplicate Video Remover Free. Instructions


A simple program Duplicate Video Remover Free will help you find and remove duplicate video files. In order to delete video copy, you must follow these steps:

Select the principle of finding duplicates: searching for exactly the same files or searching for files with the same properties.

Specify the video file format mask (if necessary). You can search for duplicates of only one or only a few of the specified formats.

Specify the folder or disk where the same video will be searched.

Specify the minimum and maximum size of files to search for (if necessary).

Press the "Start" button and wait for the program to finish.

Select the "Search Result" tab and mark those of the duplicate video files that you want to delete. Be sure to leave one of the file options, otherwise, the video file will be completely deleted from your computer.

Click the "Actions" button and select the action that you want to apply to the marked files.

This video will help you with this simple and fast program.


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