Manyprog Find Duplicate Files . Instructions


Simple program Manyprog Find Duplicate Files helps you to find and remove duplicate files of different types. To successfully search for and delete duplicate files, you need to perform a few simple steps.

Choose which duplicates you're looking for: exactly the same files; similar images; files with the same name, extension, or size; music files with the same tags.

Select the type of files to search for duplicates: music files, images, video files and so on.

Specify the location where to search in duplicate (folder or disk).

Specify the minimum and maximum size of the files involved in the search (optional)

Click "Start" and wait for the duplicate search process.

Click the "Search Results" and mark the duplicates you want to delete. Be sure to leave each group of duplicates at least one file.

Click the "Delete" button.

This video will help you with this simple and fast program


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