Duplicate Remover Free - program to delete duplicate files


Duplicate Remover Free

A simple way to remove duplicates

This program removes duplicate files from your computer quickly and easily. With this tool, you can clean your computer from duplicate files, free up disk space and improve the performance of your PC. Duplicate Remover Free is very simple software. How to detect duplicate files? Run the installation file, select the location where you want to install it, and in a moment you can work with it. After starting the program, specify the folder or disk where you want to search for duplicates, and click on the "Start" button. On the next tab, you can see the results of the search for duplicate files. Just tick the ones you do not need, and remove them. As you can see, everything is very simple.
Delete duplicate files

Delete copies of files clogging the hard drive

Why do you need to look for duplicate and remove double? This free program is simply irreplaceable in the event that the user is working intensively on the computer or laptop. For example, it must be used regularly, if you create and edit a wide variety of documents. If you change the file often users save just in case the original document, and a new version of the store or in a different folder, or under a different name. Over time, the need for the original version of the file disappears, but tends to forget to remove the source file. As a result, on a computer hard drive stores multiple copies of files that clutter your hard drive, cause confusion and take up a lot of disk space. Duplicate file finder very fast finds all identical files and removes them. Once the duplicates will be marked for deletion, the duplicate file manager will execute deduplicate files.

Delete duplicates

Automatic and secure deletion of duplicates

Very often users search for same files prefer to perform manually, fearing that duplicate file remover to search for and remove duplicate, automatically remove any important repeated files. These fears were groundless, since this duplicate file scanner cannot remove anything without the user's knowledge. Duplicate file deleter deletes only those redundant files that the user himself marked for deletion. When working with this duplicate file cleaner, it is important to remember that in the resulting report issued by all versions of the files, including the original. Therefore, marking the file for deletion in the resulting list, you must have at least one of them to leave.

Computer cleaner

The program uses a minimum of PC resources

Duplicate Remover Free - the best software for check duplicates and removing clone files and yet because it's freeware. Version of the application, which you can download from the link below, does not require registration and is free. The intuitive interface of this utility allows you to work with it even novice PC users. Portable duplicate files searcher is easy to install, takes up little space on your hard disk and uses a minimum of system resources. This best tool is suitable for use on any operating system version of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


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