Duplicate Office File Remover Free - Program to delete duplicate Office files


Duplicate Office File Remover Free

Find duplicate Word, Excel, and other Office files

This program will help you quickly and easily find duplicate Office files on your PC or laptop hard disk drive. If you often use MS Office application, your hard disk drive probably has a large number of files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, or other MS Office formats, and, for sure, some of these files are duplicated. To keep your hard disk drive clean and to free up space, you should remove these duplicate office documents. Duplicate Office File Remover Free can automatically remove duplicate Office files. Just run this simple program, and receive the report in a few minutes, mark up the files you want to delete. The program can also find and remove duplicate Adobe Acrobat files.
Delete duplicates Office

Delete duplicate and similar documents

Even though Microsoft Office files are often lightweight, a large number of duplicate files can occupy a significant space on the hard disk drive. What are these duplicate files? For example, there are the same or similar documents stored in different folders on your hard disk drive or the same file under different names. All this shows the advantage of using the duplicate office file finder compared to manual search and removal of MS Office files copies.

Duplicate file software

Search for duplicate Office files of the specified format

This simple software can be used to find duplicate Office files of almost all formats: *.odt; *.ods; *.odg;*.odp; *.odm; *.odf; *.mdb; *.adp; *.mda; *.mde; *.ade; *.xl; *.xla; *.xls*; *.xlt; *.xlm; *.xlc; *.xlw; *.pps; *.ppt*; *.doc*; *.wri; *.csv. Users of the program can search for files of the same Office format – not only all at once; any of these formats can be specified as a file mask format. In addition, this useful tool to find and remove duplicate files can search for Adobe Acrobat file format .ppt. The compiled report has a list of identical Office files found, where you can see not only the file name, but also a location, as well as the last modification date. With the last modification date of the document, you can decide which of the documents to remove: new or previous one.

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Custom Duplicate file Search

The interface of this simple program is user-friendly, so not only experts can apply it, but also common PC-users. In addition to specifying a file mask format to search for duplicate files, you can change some more settings; for example, specify the minimum and maximum files size to search for duplicates. You can also exclude certain folders from the search that is sometimes very convenient. Thus, to avoid clogging the hard disk drive up with duplicate files, it is recommended to download and regularly use this freeware software. The best software is compatible with PC or laptop on Microsoft Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


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