Duplicate Music Remover Free - program to delete duplicate music


Duplicate Music Remover Free

Find duplicate music files automatically

This program will help you quickly and easily remove duplicate music from your computer. If the hard drive of your PC is a large collection of songs or music, for sure there are the same compositions. Duplicates of music take place on your computer or laptop hard drive pollute it, so it is important time to remove duplicate audio files from your PC. Use for this purpose Duplicate Music Remover Free. This easy tool will help you automatically find duplicate songs, at a cost much less time than if you do it manually. Run the program and wait for the end of duplicate search process. In the resulting report, note duplicate music, you do not need, and give the program a command to remove them.
Delete duplicate music

A convenient and fast tool for music lovers

This simple application will be useful, especially to music lovers who have a huge number of songs stored on the PC hard drive. Music files usually are small, but if a few thousand of these files are stored on the PC hard disk, duplicate music can occupy a significant amount. Very often repetitive audio files accumulate due to the fact that different albums of the same artist contain several identical compositions, either because of the fact that different collections of music sometimes contain several similar songs.

Find duplicate mp3 files

Find duplicate music of any format

This application allows you to remove redundant files almost all popular audio formats (*.m4a; *.m4p; *.mp2; *.aac; *.aiff; *.ape; *.au; *.flac; *.mid; *.mp3; *.ogg; *.wav; *.wma; *.mp3pro; *.rm; *.ra, etc.), the user has the ability to specify the format of music files, among which to search for duplicates. For example, you can search only repeated songs in MP3 format, or only in m4p and mp3 format, and so on. The duplicate mp3 finder allows you to search not only absolutely identical duplicates of music and related musical compositions. To this end, the duplicate mp3 remover can search for similar songs music tags. In this case, the search will be carried out duplicate songs with the same name, with the same artist or from the same album name. You can choose any one of these criteria, or more, for example, to similar music finder a command to search for copies of the songs of the same artist with the same name.

Music duplicate remover

Fast, free and efficient

If you are looking for the best freeware software that helps you to remove duplicate music, you can safely use the Duplicate Music Remover Free. Download this simple similar songs finder can be the link located on this page. Do not be afraid that the program deletes something useful without your knowledge. The utility removes only those files that you have marked for deletion from the list of found duplicates. Importantly do not forget to keep one copy of each composition of this list, because the program is indicated in the report about the found duplicates all instances of the file, which has a copy of the disc. This software is suitable for use on computers with Windows operating system, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.


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