Duplicate Finder – Program to remove duplicate files for Mac


Duplicate Finder

Free up disk space on your Mac

This simple tool will help you effectively remove duplicate files on your Mac. It's no secret that even the fastest computer slows down over time. One of the reasons for this is growth of the files and folders that take up space on the Mac's disk. There are probably many duplicate files among these files. You can remove duplicate files on Mac one by one manually, but it is much more convenient to use a duplicate file finder and remover program. Duplicate Finder is a very effective tool for finding and removing duplicate files on Mac computers. This application allows you to remove duplicates of different types, for example:

- Strictly identical, the files have no difference.
- Files with the same music tags. You can search for songs with the same artist or song name, with the same album name, with the same bit rate, the same duration, or with the same year. You can search simultaneously by all criteria, or by any of the criterion, or by several criteria at once.
- Similar music. You can specify the degree of similarity of musical compositions, starting from 90% and up to 100%.
- Similar images. You can specify the degree of similarity of pictures from 90% to 100%. You can set up and ignore the rotation of images or their color and size.
- Files with the same characteristics. When using this option, the search and removal of duplicate files with the same name or size or with the same extension will be performed.

Remove duplicates on Mac

Quick selection of duplicate file type

Duplicate Finder for Mac lets you find duplicate files on Mac of any type. In addition, it is possible to select the search for duplicates of only certain categories. For example, to clean up a collection of movies from multiple copies, it is much more convenient to search for video files only, not including other types of files in the program's report. The program allows you to search for duplicate files of the following groups:

- Any files.
- Music files.
- Image files.
- Video files.
- Adobe Acrobat files.
- Archive files.
- Office files.
You can search for duplicates of the same type or multiple file types at once, for example, select Find Duplicate Video Files and Find Duplicate Audio Files to clean up your Mac's library.

Find Duplicates on Mac

Intuitive interface

It is important that a program is easy to use, including an intuitive interface. Duplicate Finder for Mac is very easy to use, and this helps even novice users to use this tool easily. The algorithm for working with the program is simple: select the type of comparison of duplicates, as well as the type of files, then specify the path to the folder for search, and click the "Start" button. There are additional program settings for the advanced users. You can specify not only the folder or drive for the duplicates search, but also exclude those directories you do not need to search in. You can also exclude hidden folders and system folders from the search, as well as application folders. This will avoid accidental deletion of files that are crucial for the smooth OS operation. You can also exclude files of zero size from the search. It is possible to specify a range of sizes to search for duplicate files. For example, you can specify that you want to search only for large files. The program has the function of saving and loading search parameters, which is convenient if the search for the duplicate files is performed with the same criteria every time.

Finding Duplicate Files

Useful report with duplicates found

The process of searching for duplicate files results in a form of a report with the list of duplicates found. You should mark up the duplicates in this report to be removed. It is very important to keep at least one copy in each group of duplicates. Otherwise, all copies will be removed from your Mac. Finding and removal of the unnecessary duplicates becomes easier with some additional features. You can listen to some types of audio files before making decision which of the duplicates to keep. Pictures have thumbnail preview. There is also an automatic duplicate selection feature. For example, you can mark up old files, files with the largest or smallest size, etc. for deletion. It is possible to save the result of the search. It allows closing the application before removing the found duplicates if necessary, and then continuing working with it again. You can also move the marked duplicates to another folder instead of deleting them. And these are not all the features to work with the program report. As a result, you can free up gigabytes of memory on your Mac, while its speed will increase significantly.


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