Duplicate Finder. Instructions


Duplicate Finder is an easy-to-use program that helps you quickly find and remove duplicate files of any type on your Mac. Download and install the program on your device, then open it and follow these steps.

On the "About" tab, select the desired language for the program interface.

In the "Comparison type" box, check the required option: absolutely identical duplicates, music files with the same tags, similar music, similar pictures or files with the same properties.

In the "File type" box, select the desired type: any files, music files, image files, video files, Adobe Acrobat files, archive files or office files. Several types can be noted at once.

Click the "Add Folder" button and select the folder in which to search for duplicate files.

Click the "Start" button to start the duplicate file search process. Before clicking the "Start" button, you can perform some optional program settings: select the option to skip system folders, hidden files and files of zero size, specify a range of file sizes to search for duplicates, or specify the minimum width and height of images.

At the end of the search process, the "Search result" tab will open. Mark on this tab those duplicates that you want to remove. The program has the ability to preview thumbnails of images and preview music. Attention! Leave at least one in each group of duplicates, otherwise not a single copy of this file will remain on the device. To speed up the process of marking duplicates, use the "Select automatically" button.

You can save the duplicate search result in order to remove duplicates later.

After the duplicate files are marked for deletion, press the "Action" button and select "Remove" or "Move to folder".

This video will help you understand the program.


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