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Disk Cleanup Free

Clear PC from unnecessary files quickly and safely

This freeware program will help you to clean your computer or laptop from the temporary files, clean up your browser and delete unnecessary files left by various applications. If you are not working with a PC technician, you do not need to manually clean your computer by removing unnecessary, in your opinion, the data, as you risk deleting any important file, then the operating system cannot function properly. To clean the computer's hard disk is better to use special software. Free Disk Cleanup Free tool helps you to quickly and safely clean the local disk of unnecessary files.
Free computer cleaner

Effective cleaning of browsers

That includes pc cleanup from junk files? First of all, cleaning the web browsers installed on your computer from temp files. This fast and safe utility - computer cleaner - for only a few minutes cleans the browser cache, internet search, browsing history, internet account, cookies in such browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer. Despite the fact that the temporary Internet files individually have a small volume, after removing the liberated not so little space. The reason is that these files extra time accumulates a fairly large amount.

Disk cleanup

Windows disk cleanup

Clean your PC from junk files is necessary also because the temporary files, usually located on the system drive (usually drive C). As soon as the system disk begins to get clogged, it affects the speed of your computer and its performance. If you notice that your system drive is not enough space, an urgent need to free up space on it. For this purpose it is necessary not only to clean the temporary files browsers, but also delete those temporary files that remain on the various programs installed on your computer. In addition, it is necessary to clean the Temp folder, which reaches some users up to several gigabytes. This best -in-kind system cleaner will help you to safely clean up temp folder without risking deleting any important system files.

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Delete temporary files and logs

This good tool - file cleaner - is designed to computer cleanup to use the Windows operating system, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is easy and fast to clear the memory of your computer from various debris that interferes with efficient operation of the PC and clogging your hard drive. This software helps you to clean up temporary files applications and browsing data such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Skype, uTorrent, and many others, as well as to clear automatically the temp folder and delete temporary files and operating system logs. Disk Cleanup Free can be download free of charge via the link located under the screenshot of the program.


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