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Financial Formulas in Excel

A significant part of the time for many economists or financiers is spent working on a computer with the MS Excel office application. This program has a considerable number of functions intended for creating reports, data analysis, information plans, mathematical calculations and much more. Knowledge of the most important Excel formulas and a combination of… Continue reading –>

Temporary files

Many users of computers and laptops know that among their large number of files on their devices there are so-called «temporary files”. Some believe that they need to be removed in one way or another. Other users are wary of doing this because they think it will damage their computer. What are temporary files? Where… Continue reading –>

Excel Text Functions

Excel tables contain mostly numerical data on which you can perform various mathematical, logical and other operations. At the same time, a considerable part of the tables contains cells with text. For example, price lists or customer lists with addresses certainly include test data. In order to perform various transformations on this data, Excel text… Continue reading –>